Volumen Express
V O L U M E N  E X P R E S S  and friends Company

The company VOLUMEN EXPRESS and friends has been founded in Oslo by the theatre artists Veronika Bökelmann (Germany) and Séverine Urwyler (Switzerland). VOLUMEN EXPRESS explores the borderline of theater, installation and visual art. Most works investigate documentary subjects.

As inauguration VOLUMEN EXPRESS staged the large scale theater installation “Tyskerjenter – German girl” on Hovedøya Island in 2008. The piece deals with the internment of Norwegian women who had intimate relations with German soldiers during the 2nd World War. The work has received funding from the Norwegian Cultural Council, Fond for performing arts (FFUK), Goethe Institut, Fond for Sound and Image (FfLOB) and the foundation Fritt Ord.

Since then VOLUMEN EXPRESS has been involved in various projects.

Veronika Bökelmann works as director, author, video artist and performer. She took her education at the institute for time-based media in Berlin, at the Norwegian Theater Academy in Fredrikstad and at the Experimental Theater Wing at NYU, New York. Her art pieces have been shown at New Forms Festival in Canada, Video Medeja Festival in Serbia Montenegro and Moscow Biennal for young artists in Russia. She lives and works between Norway, Germany and Argentina.

Séverine Urwyler is a stage designer and visual artist. She took her education as stage designer at the Norwegian Theater Academy in Fredrikstad. Before she absolved a Foundation Year at the Zürich University of the Arts with focus on Film and Photography. Séverine lives and works in Zürich Switzerland. Currently she is taking her master degree in scenic arts practice at Bern University of the Arts.